Therapeutic Table Massage:

A variety of Massage services and Bodywork are offered in our private office which is located within Life Source Holistic Center in Ridgefield, CT.

Services include:

Medical Massage - a style which is useful for rehabilitation of injuries and specific medical concerns

Swedish Massage - a lighter, relaxing style of massage

Deep Tissue Massage - a style that uses deeper pressure and more aggressive techniques It is good for athletes and people with chronic muscular tension.

Foot Reflexology - a method of working on the feet that has a direct impact on the entire body. By stimulating reflex points on the feet the bodies organs and systems are worked to release toxins.

Myofacial techniques - to help realign the bodies natural postural patterns and to help with conditions such as; frozen shoulder and planter fasciatis

Energy Therapies - utilizing techniques such as; Reiki to help calm the bodies nervous system and rebalance their energy thru gentle touch and holding techniques

Body-Mind Techniques / Stress Reduction - these techniques gently help guide a person to be more fully aware of the relationship between their body and mind, allowing them to change old patterns into new more effective ways of relating to themselves and others
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